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Prepare for the IELTS test! Foundation College gives you a new short IELTS test each day and every day. This helps you in two important ways: First you read and listen to a multitude of topics on current issues thus broadening your vocabulary. At the same time you become familiar with IELTS type questions. Every time you complete 5 short "test of the day" tests you have free access to a full IELTS test which is scored in accordance with IELTS regulations. By checking your score you will know if you are ready to take the real test.

This on-line practice is entirely FREE. All four IELTS components (listening, reading, writing and speaking) are examined and assessed but because the "writing" and "speaking" components require human intervention the will only be assessed for Foundation College students. External students can still take the "writing" or "speaking" components but will have to assign the correcting to their teachers or to a friend.

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You can now take the diagnostic IELTS test which includes shorter than normal listening and reading components and a sentence correction component (instead of the writing component). The diagnostic test does not include a speaking component. This test works as a predictor of your potential IELTS score if you were to take the test now. The diagnostic test is free.
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